Toleration is the disposition to fight opinion only with opinion. Not with force and not with arbitrarily declaring opposing opinions to be offensive, insulting, taboo, blasphemy or nonsense etc.

Without freedom of speech there can be no toleration.

For toleration to obtain - everyone's freedom to confront divergence of opinion with open critical reflection is necessary.

Without toleration divergence of opinion is suppressed not by better arguments but instead by force or rhetorical ploys such as ad hominems.

Group A claims to have a package of final answers on some matter. Group B claims that group A's claims have important flaws. The debate should go on rather than either one of the groups forcing the other to go quiet. Doing so has only ever tended to cause majorities to mistakenly hold many false beliefs and so too hold many mistaken ultimate truths all of which were eventually at some time or another overturned as or during revolutions.

Revolutions, and the need for revolutions can be avoided if only the debate is encouraged without one side ever forcing their beliefs on the other while at the same time also suppressing the beliefs of the other.

We all have the right to have absolutely all of our beliefs and claims face the most fervent criticisms at any time and in any place. That is tolerance. At least that is intellectual tolerance regarding the pursuit of truths and moral goodness.