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Fast forward 10 years into the future...

You are standing at the supply house counter, gearing up for an install tomorrow. You say to the counter guy "Give me a 50' roll of 1 1/8" aluminum tubing, a 50' roll of 3/8" aluminum tubing, some elbows and couplings, and a single-use disposable micron gauge."
Thank goodness that I don't have more than about 15 years left (if my body lasts that long.) Most of my tools are old and still going strong. Very little of what I have purchased in the last 10 years lasted more than a year or so. It is a damn shame. I have a set of analogs that is older than some of the members of this forum and I still use them on R22 systems today. They were made with heavy brass and quality gauges. Not the case anymore.