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    Anybody have any input about Crestron products for home automation?
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    I know it is a high end home automation system. But have yet to find anyone that can make a Trane zoning system work with it!
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    I've had my share with them for the General Contractors point of view to the home owner. For all the rest of the house hold stuff they are pretty neat. I have one customer that has the remote panel he carries around with him. He also has and outside control panel mounted in one of his columns.

    Now the other side of the coin. They us an Aprilaire interface to control simple HVAC systems and that system tends to fail or lock up a lot. Also, the install contractors typically do not know what they are doing when they hook the HVAC systems up so there ends up a lot of burnt out control transformers with no one to blame.

    For automation of lights, sound, Fax, Email, security and whatever else they look good. But all the ones, except one, I've worked on because of control problems I've had to remove from the control circuit to get the home owners systems to remain on line. Two of the other customers had the contractors step in and insist there is nothing wrong even though the systems continue to lock up/fail.

    One general contractor who sold them the system ended up selling the owners a new furnace and split A/C system even though nothing was wrong with the existing one. But the general contractor, in order to save face, told them that the existing HVAC system was at fault. They believe him.
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