Hello- not sure if I'm posting in the right forum, but this definately isn't a "home" system.

A bit of background, I own a small gourmet mushroom cultivation buisness, we are expanding and are putting together the enviornemntal system for our cultivation rooms. These rooms need to have high humidities (85-95% RH), regulated temperatures (55, 65 and 75F) and high air exchange.

I am looking to purchase a heat pump and wanted to see if someone can tell me if I have calculated the BTU demand correctly.

I found the following equation online:

CFM * 1.08 * temperature change = btu/hr

I need to move 1000cfm, and I think that the max temperature change will be 35F. So I found that I need 37800 BTU/hr or 3+ ton system.

Is this a reasonable estimate?

Thanks in advance