I am a big believer in permits and inspections and individual licensing. I spent the first 15 years of my career in the Springfield Mo area where every job is permited and inspected and it takes a master mechanical license to even get the permit and you have to have a journeyman on the job at all times and every company had to follow those rules union or not. The code enforcement personel are strict and by the book. Two years ago i moved to joplin mo just an hour away from springfield and was shocked at how different it is here. Joplin is a city of 60,000 or so and you dont need anyting but a business license here. There are plumbing and electrical inspections but no mechanical inspections. Two years ago an F5 tornado literally destroyed half the city it was the deadliest tornado in us history162 people died. During the rebuilding every guy that owned a hammer and a pair of snips came to the area to underbid the proffesionals and gobble up the work doing just horrible work and nobody could do anything about it and by now they are long gone and us local professionals have to clean up the mess. So who is in favor of inspections and individual licensing and who thinks it is not needed i look forward to hearing everyones opinion. I for one am for the inspections 100 percent i think it gets rid of the fly by night contractors and keeps te quality of work at a high level according to the mechanical code that everyone should be abiding by. What do you guys think?