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    Any feedback on the Induction Units sold by NuClimate (Chilled Beams)

    Guys & Gals,
    I am asking for Pro's & Con's to the NuClimate Chilled Beam Systems.

    My School System has been asked to see a traveling Demonstration iof their System & our Engineer of Record that is employed by the County has already stated "that we should wait and see, as this is relatively new & expensive, as well as a newer concept.

    I would like to hear from those of you that have actually worked with these hands-on & if you have it in one of the buildings you service.

    What is the Service Cost over time as compaired to FCU's & VAV Systems?

    My feeling is that it is always better to see something in operation 1st hand before judgement.

    If we were all like my Engineer, than there would be NO progress!!

    We can't get our Contractors to setup a VAV RTU yet without problems & that is even when I send them the correct setpoints.

    Is it me or is this trade been influxed with so many guessers & people who never read the Owner Install & Users guides?

    Is America turning into a buch of illiterates? I always read the manuals & everyone will either say "that I think I know everything" or that I am really good with Controls. However, I was taught as a Steamfitter Apprentice in Balt, MD Local #438 (Now 486), that "It is not what you know, but rather, Knowing where to find the answer when you need it".
    "Please, Do Not Shoot the Messenger!!!"

    "It is not what you Know, but rather, Knowing where to find the answer when you need it"

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    We have installed lots of chilled beams. They along with radiant panels are a waste of money.
    Local 449?

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    We installed some chilled beams in some remodeled buildings on the campus I work at. I'm not positive they are NuClimates, but I'm pretty sure. They have come with their fair share of issues. There have been way more complaints in comfort from those rooms than with the ones that got plain old vav's. Im not the one who writes the check for the electric bill here, but in my opinion the energy savings you get from the chilled beams isn't worth the headaches and complaints from the occupants. If you can't get your contractors to set up normal vav's then I'd be really leery of the chilled beam. We spent a lot of time getting things set up for the chilled beams even with the engineers airflow numbers. We used the engineering numbers as a guide but we spent a ton of time going back and tweaking things just to get the spaces to an acceptable temp. They also don't seem to adjust or recover very fast on really warm days because of the lower airflows and higher chilled water temps. Then you have to be aware of the space or return air dew point and avoiding condensation. Maybe they are better suited for a drier climate, but there have been instances on really hot humid days here that our BAS locks out the chilled water system that serves the chilled beams because the dew point in the spaces is too high to prevent condensation. We have come a long way in getting them working and I would consider them to be "functional" now, but they have been a huge headache.

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