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    HS36, FP micron gauge, EP folding stem thermometer.....

    ....just arrived.

    I like all of it and can see where it up my game significantly.

    I also got the FP magnetic screw dish... it's too small
    and is not durable. I would not recommend it

    it does have the FP logo stamped in it, however ...Harbor Fright sells one that is bigger and better constructed for about a buck fifty.

    I like the micron gauge. It has limitations (accurate down to 32*f... +/- 10 micron ....10 micron resolution).

    But it is good down to 50 microns

    For what I paid I think that is pretty damn good. It's also sturdy enough to throw against a least that is the impression I get. Goes into my collection of BluVac, JB Dv22n, JB nova (still haven't tried the Nova yet).

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    Love all my fp stuff.

    I have the hf mag dish n i love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by marter View Post
    Love all my fp stuff.

    I have the hf mag dish n i love it
    The one I got for under five bucks at HD is bigger and thicker.

    I'll use the FP mag-dish but I just wont be as happy with it.

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