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The duct blasting tech noted that since we have 9' ceilings on all three floors he thought that could be a contributing factor in raising our neutral pressure plane. \

Also, since the duct blaster tech was surprised to hear this I thought it may help here. My home doesn't have any house wrap, no TyVek, just brick veneer front with vinyl siding on the other three side, then under that OSB.

I don't know if it matters, but our house is actually 5,000 sqfeet. I mentioned it to the audit company but she said it just needed to be a rough estimate.
I'm mentioning it now since I'm grabbing at anything!

She offers a test out, which I was going to take advantage of, I really wanted to do it at the very end.
But at this point I should have her out again.
My downstairs unit is a 3.5 ton A/C 100BTU furnace (80% efficient).
My upstairs is a 2.5 ton heat pump, not sure of the electric coil BTUs.
When they come on though it's nice and toasty, but all I see is dollar signs!!!

Thanks again!
How do you know ACTUAL furnace efficiency?

House Age?
Monthly electric and gas usage.