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    Walmart Ammo Roulette

    Found info on a weapons related site concerning buying ammo at walmart.

    It seems the stores put out ammo at 7am on the day after it's received.
    You can search for local availability on walmart's web site.
    It will show you what is in stock and it will show up as soon as the shipment hits the stores prior to it being shelved.
    So check for ammo availability early in the morning and get there before 7am.

    I'm finding good availability of 7.62x39 steel cased ammo locally (used by the SKS and AK-47 semi-automatic rifles)
    I had to search and try several different home stores to find the ammo.

    Try searching for .22 or .223
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    .22 seems extinct.

    .223, I found some last week and bought my "limit" at each location. The BS limits that are being set really take me over the edge. What on earth does it matter if I buy all they have?

    At that rate I can go shooting for about 15 minutes with my rapid rate of fire "scary gun".

    BTW, I had it loaded all day and it never killed a sole! Fancy that!
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    Wish I could find some .22 lr
    At a local gunshow a few weekends ago 1 brick was going for $70 +
    Couldnt believe it!

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    Ammo manufacturers are probably making bank.
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    We have, well not sure what I would call them, individuals around here that are buying out the stores as soon as they stock it. Then sell it on the classifieds for 2X the price. Seems like a buttcheck kind of thing to me, but I guess if others are willing to pay it.
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    have some patients, it will probably be around September or October before stock comes back

    In the mean time stop panic buying..........sheesh

    I was at a SCOPE meeting last Monday and a trucker said he came up from North Carolina and he stopped at 7 gun shops on the way, no one had any ammo, no components, nothing
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    I quit going to Walmart for amm. I found an ACE hardware close to my house that sells ammo and never seems to run out. The owner also has an ffl. Made me a happy camper

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