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    Greetings from Vancouver, BC, Canada! I've been lurking around the threads in this forum for some time now and I must say that this is such a great community/resource for those in the HVAC-R Industry and especially for those like me, a 1st year Refrigeration Apprentice. Reading a post in one of the threads gave me the courage to finally speak out, and join in on the discussions. Who knows, maybe y'all might learn a thing or two from a 1st year Apprentice

    A little about me...I finished my first year foundation program at my local Post-Secondary School (BCIT to be exact) almost a year ago. The program was great, it gave me a chance to see what this trade was all about and boy did I love it! After getting my certificate, I immediately began seeking employment. This was a pretty rough time for me as it felt like nobody wanted to give me a chance...very discouraging..especially since I knew nobody in the industry. But perseverance, my friends, finally paid off 8 MONTHS LATER!! And landed a job with a small outfit doing mostly service work. Now that I am indentured as an apprentice with the ITA, I am enrolling for my 2nd year classes. Definitely looking forward to this new chapter in my working career.

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    Welcome! You've come to the right place to benefit from the years of experience of the members. Looking forward to your contributions. You can qualify for pro status after you have enough posts.
    And remember to play nice, and don't run with scissors!

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