We recently installed a 35 ton unit i believe its an lgh series it has the prodigy control on it the problem im having is every couple of weeks the mini breaker on the cotrol transformer trips ive checked the usual things like thermostat wire shorts and found no problems while running the transformer secondary draws about 1 .8 amps on a 70va transformer it has tripped while in heating and cooling. and continous fan mode the low voltage wiring comes off the transformer through the building to the fire control panel then back to the unit then to the stat and back its probably 300 plus feet total but i have no noticable voltage drop other field wired controls are a co2 sensor a supply temp sensor and a supply duct static pressure sensor the co2 sensor i put on a separate transformer per installation instructions the unit never trips out while im checking it out of course except one time in full heat test mode which eliminates the stat wires i was looking at my amp probe when it happened 1.75 amps then click it tripped and i couldnt get it to do it again any suggestions?