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    Smile How to deciper Trane Date Code

    I have a Trane CleanEffects, Model TFD175. I need to buy new collection cells, FLR 06453. I need to know when they were manufactured, before or after the recall on May 29, 2007.
    The Date Code on the box is 3307-2RR. Does anyone know what month and year that is? Thanks.

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    I'm thinking the 33rd week of 2007, but I'm not certain. Does the CleanEffects unit have a serial number? The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th characters of it are a date code, at least on all the commercial equipment I've worked on. The second is the month. A=Jan, B=Feb, and so on, but skipping "I" (can be confused for something else), ..., L=Nov, M=Dec. The 3rd and 4th are the year. If you're curious, the 1st character is place of manufacture.

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    As I recall, the first letter of the Trane serial # is the year starting about 2002. Older ones the letter told it before 2002 or sop.

    Never seen use a 3307 but assuming that's a date code I'd read it the same way.

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