The guy showed up today! I re-emailed the shop and he called me back Whizzing with Asthma, he had forgotten. and by the looks of it he might have done me a favor now rebates are being offered that weren't about 10 days ago for the same stuff.
I asked him if he's worked with Asbestos, answer is yes...... I felt sorry for the guy walking up and down stairs he was Whizzing real bad and couldn't get his breath, ( I have the same thing I know what its like its not fun he should be at home in bed)
He's been in HVAC for 34 years and did a lot of changing out stuff with asbestos I told him to get look at for you know what.
No manual J calculations... but he did take note of duct size Trunk size windows and asked about walls thickness and insulation.He also noted the main trunk was odd sized, and the return was to small. so he might be doing a manual J type of calculation without a blower door test and looking into air flow through vents and returns. I did ask about permits he said yes. (the city passed the old system why should they care now)
Seems this place might be a bit to old school.