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    Gas Fireplace - Low flames

    Hello all,

    I recently moved into a home that has a gas fireplace. This is the first time I have ever had a fireplace so I am uneducated on things. I have a few questions and was hoping someone would have an answer. Please see below:

    1) When I turned it on the flame is very low. From all the burner holes the first 6 were lit very low and the last 4 no flames seeped through. I have the gas turned up all the way and since I am unfamiliar with fireplaces (never used one) I was wondering if there is something wrong with the pilot or does it need to be cleaned? Shouldn't the dial control how low/high the flame goes?

    2) Do I have to buy a ceramic log to produce greater heat or is it just more for show? Will adding one help the flame level?

    3) Do I need to get a glass screen since it's a gas fireplace? I was told by the inspector since it's gas the chimney is always open and I need to get a glass screen. However, I feel that every time I go to light the fireplace I would have to take the screen apart or move it.

    Hoping someone can answer my questions.

    Thanks all!

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    You need to get a pro in there to inspect, service and test the unit before you try to operate it. Then, if everything is ok, you can operate it as he instructs you. All the burner ports should light off regardless so I wouldn't use it until the pro has ok'd it.

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