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    New user in Florida

    Hello everyone! Long time lurker, found myself clicking the links from google searches and coming to this forum when I needed a question answered. I figured I would join and help where I could!

    My name is Nicholas, I'm in NE Florida. Have been in the HVAC trade for almost ten years (started at age 19). Started off in the installation department as a "greenie" with a locally owned company, trained with a Robert who was from New Jersey who has been doing this since who knows when... He has a lot of commercial experience including sheet metal fabrication, so I got to learn fabricating of metal duct/elbows/fittings etc from the start. Really enjoyed measuring and laying out fittings and having them come together! The company I work for (same one) does a good share of light commercial, residential new construction, replacements and service of course. After working with Robert for about a year, getting my duct installers certification along with my EPA I made my way to head up my own install truck. Enjoyed training new guys and started to find my way into the technical side of things while doing installs. Eventually I became bored with install and wanted a more technical challenge. Fortunately for me, the senior tech with the company had been in an accident about this time and his shoulder was in a sling. I took this opportunity to be his "arms" while he was the brains. Rode with him for about 3 months soaking up all the knowledge he had to offer till his arm was healed. Diagnosing systems was fun, the more complicated the better. At the time our GM was offering dollar raises for anyone who passed their N.A.T.E exam. One month later I was NATE certified for Service heat pump - a/c - install. At the time I was only the second person within the company to have a NATE certification (the senior tech I trained with was the other). Shortly after that I passed my Journeyman's Exam to become Journeyman certified. After being a service tech for 5/6 years I began to grow "tired" of being on call, which was a shame because I loved every aspect of the job except for being on call. An opportunity became available for me to take up a full time sales position within the company and I jumped on it. So here I am, have been in sales for 2 years or so. I've also been given the responsibility of training the installers and service guys when new equipment comes out and keeping up with changes coming down the pipe line. Hopefully I can be of some benefit to the community here and vice versa!

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    Welcome Nicholas!

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