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    lennox icomfort wifi stat problem

    I love the icomfoft equipment and the wifi stat but with some wireless router problems can occur i enable the wifi and connect to the homeowners router but several times it will not connect to the lennox server to register the stat i have had to get on the computer and slow down the connection to below 1340 mbps several times in order for it to connect it seems to happen more with hughes sattelite internet it just adds unnecesary time to a routine startup anyone else have this problem and does anyone know if lennox is working on a solution

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    I am learning that any WiFi thermostat has there connection issues. 99% of the time it is not the thermostat, it is the customer's router. Installed numerous iComfort's without issues. We are starting to sell the new Honeywell 6000 WiFi and customers are just gobbling these up with the app and all. Easiest thermostat to up-sell in the history of our company. Going on about seventy of these, and one out of every twenty seem to have a quirk or two depending on the customer's service....and Hughes Net is one of those services that I seem to have issues with. Has something to do with how the customer has tied there modem into there wifi router. I have to get in and disable the DHCP in the router, if it has been enabled...sometimes. Another one I have issues with, is a local company around here called Beehive Wireless. They both use a modem of sorts also that customers have to tie into a wireless router. Seems these companies servicing rural areas using satellite modems and equipment have some configuration challenges.

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    Hello! After updating my router information for security reasons, I found I could not get iComfort to connect to my wireless access point. I talked to Lennox support and found that some characters in a password may cause the connection to fail. Specifically, characters like comas, etc. The support IT person advised enclosing the password in quotes ("password") when entering it. I did as directed and the thermostat connected successfully. Hope this helps anyone with the same issue.

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