Looks nice. I'm with above poster, with 2.5 acres..its all about keeping
it cut! but I do a LOT of yard work aside from that.

I caught the utility tree trimmer/mulch making guys on the road
out Monday. now my dirveway has a huge 5' high pile of fresh
cedar mulch. I've been humping wheelbarrors of mulch til I am
so sore it hurts to breathe...trying to beat rain & latest last cool
sure will be glad when I can put my staghorn fern & bogenvillia (??)
outside to stay...tired of moving them in and out.

but the yard looks great, the bulb beds I put in during December
have been great. paper whites, daffodils, freesias & even some
crazy iris bulbs. our La. iris have cormers not bulbs...
the magenta natralized gladiolas I dug up on the side of the
road are beautiful this year. love love love it!

I even have a vegetable garden this year. asparagus, tomato, cucumbers,
carrots, radishs, spinach, squash, snap beans & purple hull peas.
I've never grown food before!

those weather guys sure have it made...
millions of $$ worth of equipment & still can't get it
right but half the time.

enjoy your yards everyone!