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    Anyone use Surplus Liquidators?

    I was wondering if any of y'll have used Surplus Liquidators from somewhere around Chicago? Their prices don't seem all that bad. If there is a problem, I imagine it is with shipping. If anyone has been using them, please share your experiences with me. Are they a good deal, or a headache?

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    If you are talking about Surplus City Liquidators, out of Lebanon Indiana, I've purchased small 1/2 and 3/4 ton compressors, and other miscellaneous parts, from them. Other than the shipper not keeping the clearly labeled compressors upright, no issues.
    They didn't even give me the usual hassle when I accidentally did a "buy it now" in their ebay store on the wrong voltage compressor.

    I was reluctant at first, but getting a $250 compressor for $110 shipped, and $70 TXV for $20, was tempting enough to take the risk.
    It worked out well, so I've bought from them a couple more times, and likely will again.
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    I've never used them, but back when I was in school, the HVAC teacher used to recommend them to his students.

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    It used to be called USA MFG. I bought some stuff that collects dust, and some odd parts I made fit. They sell the 8145-20 timers there, but they are labeled export? They work just fine domestically as well.

    I guess they stopped mailing the paper catalog, good for me, I will not be tempted buy any more odd parts.

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    i have ordered from them in the past. They have some great deals some times

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