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Thread: service call

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidj001 View Post
    ...and boy do they pissed when you tell them thats normal operation and then write them a bill
    I feel bad for them too, but the fact of the matter is my boss can't pay me and keep my van on the road for free, but I did go kinda easy on him.

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    I did go muttering all the way to one 'smoke coming out and fan not running'. Found the motor wire burnt at the capacitor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by larnot View Post
    We have outfits here that advertise 'no overtime charges ever'. Thing is, if you call them at 2am they have their answer service read a script that says 'we are experiencing a high level of calls tonight, and may not be able to get to you for another 6 hours!'
    They also charge a higher diagnostic than most, or want you to join their maintenance club before they will come out.

    I believe most customers are reasonable about maybe taking a couple of hours off work to meet you during 'regular' hours. If you don't charge a little extra, what is there to stop them calling you when they get home from work or just working you into their schedule?

    Let's face it, a little old lady or family with young kids and no heat is an emergency, a lot of other calls are not.
    I had a customer like that, a restaurant that call me on weekends and night only. I had to "fire" them. I have never charged overtime since 1972, I have never offered 24/7 either. But I have always got my customers out of a jam.

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