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Thread: Sefety glasses

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    Seen some safety equiptment years ago in a clip used by 2nd and 3rd world countries , one was a guy wrapping his whole head in Saran Wrap several times with slits under his nose to breath, I believe he was operating a grinder.

    Another one was a guy using cardboard with elastic bands that mounted on his head as a shield protecting his face with slits for his dark glasses and a cut mark in the cardboard to spread the cardboard to breath but to protect his nose from a grinder or as a welders mask.

    Another one was a thick piece of styrofoam on top of his head with a elastic strap going under his chin to hold it in place. It was being used as a hard hat

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    Sunglasses with uv protection. I used to wear just plain old plastic goggles over them for cutting with a sawzall overhead but rarely do that anymore since I don't install much anymore.

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