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Thread: Flooded freezer

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    Flooded freezer

    Got called to the LL Ballfield today. It flooded new years day. 2' of water but they got the concession stand cleaned up real good and ready for next season. Checked the freezer and found compressor windings shorted. Cabinet clean and only 5 years old. Needs compressor, driers, defrost timer, and condenser fan motor. Customer said the frig. next to it was doing fine. I suggested replacing the start components and defrost timer due to having been under water. I asked when they started the cabinets and he said ----------- what? You know after the water went down and ya'll cleaned everything up.
    They haven't been unpluged---------why.
    Since we have know each other for a few years 20, I said your sh**ing me right? No, there was 2' of water here I couldn't get to anything. When the water went down the frig. was still working but the freeze wasn't. I just laughed.
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    Citing Murphy's law, I would leave the reefer alone, replace what you have to on the freezer, and spray WD40 (WD stands for water displacer) copiously. Consider the reefer job security.
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