Hi all.

I have gotten two quotes from my HVAC contractor (new construction). One for an Infinity system and one for Performance. There will be 2 units (one upstairs, one downstairs) but no zones on the Infinity.

Both systems seem to have humidistats and dehumidity capability (I live in Austin TX).

I have a few questions:

1. Is there an advantage to going with the Infinity communicating (19 SEER 2-stg, Variable speed) vs. the Performance non-communicating (17 SEER, 2-stg, Variable speed), and if so, what is that? From reading the Carrier website, it seems that the communicating is great if you want zones (which I won't have), but what else do I get by going to the Infinity?

2. Given the SEER difference and the communicating, is there some sort of % savings I could factor in on my monthly cooling bill with the Infinity-19 vs. Performance 17?

3. Does the Infinity touch screen remote-thermostats (with iPhone app) work well, or is it a gimmick?

4. What questions should I be asking, specfically related to Infinity, to make sure that all the proper components are infinity (outdoor, indoor, AHU,etc.).