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    Grinding noise...

    I have a package system in my home that is less than a year old. So far, works perfectly find, except for one thing.

    A few weeks ago, it started making this grinding sound whenever it cuts off...I don't hear this sound at all when the system starts up.

    Anyone have any ideas? The noise is waking is up at night and I am wondering if my neighbors can hear it.

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    The only thing you can do is this.


    With the POWER OFF, take the doors off, and then look for things that are lose in the blower area. Inspect the power wheel, lose wires. If you can't find anything lose, then call a pro because it could be something internal.

    If you cannot access the unit or know how to TURN THE POWER OFF to the unit, don't do anything to it and call in a pro to fix it.

    If this system is new, I would do nothing, I would call the people who installed it as it has a warranty with it. Note anything you do to it can and most likly will void that warranty.
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    Yep. Less than a year old...all you need to do is call the installer. Part of the price you paid for the system and installation was labor warranty. Use it.

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    I appreciate the responses. I knew it was under warranty and I know nothing about these units, so I wasn't planning on looking or making an attempt to fix it myself. I was just curious if anyone had heard of this problem before and might have an idea of what it might be.

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