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    I thought I picked up on a bit of that familiar jealousy and resentment in the OP, lol. I think everyone has felt the way you do at some point. I think you deserve a shot at it before the new guy, but sometimes the boss wants to keep you where you're most profitable now without regard to your future potential. You have to be up front with them and let them know how you feel about the situation. If you're quiet, they will assume there is no problem and proceed with whatever. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, a closed mouth doesn't get fed, blah blah blah.

    Good luck!
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    Yeah I suppose your right! Thanks for the great support guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhunter97 View Post
    Great input guys thanks. Now let me ask this me being the lead installer wanting to peruse service pretty badly is it fair for new employee to get to go to service before I even get a shot?

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    None of our installers could even think about being a low grade tech. I would say if you can install a to z, meaning you can deliver the unit, install it, and make it run every time no matter what, then you should be given a shot at being a tech. We had a installer run his brand new company truck out of gas when it was thirty below about a month ago, because he was too lazy, or stupid to keep it full of gas. The owner pays for all gas, and will even pay you to fill it up on his time. I would fire an employee for this stupidity. We dont have one installer that can configure a infinity control, and we are a carrier dealer. My rant is over, unless you are an exceptional installer i wouldnt even bother trying to be a tech.

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    If you have to hire someone with no experience, I would chose someone with a newborn. Reason if that child dosn't motivate them nothing I say will. Cut them loose if he acts up the first three months.
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