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    Drywall on HVAC intake and exchange ducts

    I am having my basement finished and instead of framing the ductwork in with 2x2's or 2x4's and then drywalling he just attached the drywall directly to the intake and exchange ductwork. Not sure if that is code.

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    Attached how? Screws or glue? Double wall duct? Got any pics? Framing is the way to go IMO, is this a licensed person? Too many questions to give any opinion/thought on.
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    The problem I see here is duct is fairly flexible compared to a framed wall (or chase, what ever). Sure it'll hold it up just fine, but as the duct expands and contracts, gets bumped etc, it could very easily cause the drywall joints to crack.

    Not a huge deal, but it'll look ugly
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    I don't believe it's addressed in any mechanical codes --- what you're describing is a building code issue. Clearly the use of duct work as a structural member (to support walls) is bizarre. (IMO)

    Note: If the insulation is compressed, it has lost all it's thermal insulation properties & it would be possible to have sweating right thru your new drywall.

    I'd call my local friendly building dept -- any building permits on this job?

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    Code or no code, that is just plain bad construstion practices. The duct work should be framed around or just left exposed and painted...period!

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    I believe here in Ohio,
    the first 3' of the ductwork is to be treated like the plenum, and there for would have to have the same clearences that the plenum has. Atleast 1" to combustables.
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