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    TC 54 just adds to the learning curve

    When I first got hired on put my hands on these large systems and was amazed and kind of weary working on them. One slip of the hand and there goes 1,000 worth glass. Just recently had to do a

    conversion on one and tech and the local rep played an important role because if I went at it with no insight would of ran a muck pretty quick. This systems LP conversion consists of: changing rear and

    front burner orifices, sliding the 2 pilots tongue to LP, pushing the toggle down on the both gas valves, and changing out both metering screws. Log placement has caused me to walk away with

    lingering questions but for the most part these systems are pretty neat. Have worked on 2 so far and majority of the issues that I have came across have been input/supply pressure related and

    incorrect installation due to conversions. I must admit performing 4-6 different tasks does up the percentage that a poor installation can occur. Learning on these systems is pretty rewarding. Working

    Working on it sure help me understand how much input/supply pressure can throw a monkey wrench on getting the job done. As far as being weary, man the log set back firebrick/panels are large and

    cracking/breaking one would p!$$ any boss off. Was wondering what was the most expensive component you have unintentionally damaged/destroy while working on fireplace products? . I asked the

    rep "if someone broke a glass on one of these TC 54's?" he said "yeah" so that leads me to believe someone took a large hit on a paycheck/install/sale/commision down the line. I just hope and

    pray that I don't become the 1000.00 dollar man one day. Have a cool one

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    Yeah lol. These units are big and beautiful. Pain in the butt to change the 42" thermocouple in some units tho!
    Anyways I've been lucky, no damages.

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