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    sorry, I blew right pass the "oil furnace" and who keeps a greenhouse at 55 I thought greenhouses were suppose to be warm
    Depends on what they are growing in the greenhouse.

    Temp critical plants often are in a warming bed so the soil stays warmer then the air temp. And they don't have to maintain a high temp in the GH, or have real high heating bills.
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    Thanks to all for the bit of education. I didn't provide all the pertinent information at the beginning of the thread because at the time I didn't know it was relevant. But now I do. The operation of the furnace I mentioned was happening when the greenhouse was at 40 F, It had only been running for two days this season. The temperature was turned up to 55 F because new plants had just arrived. The owner wasn't trying to "Grow" the plants, just hold them for a couple days till they're transplanted. It's a battle in the greenhouse business to balance how fast the plants grow with the heating bill. I've read that inverted temperature to light grows a really nice plant (like 80 ant night and 75 during the day) but you could never make any money.
    As for the fan cycling, it may not be doing it now that the greenhouse is warmer, I haven't been back there in days. I was there to install a low temperature alarm system in case of furnace failure while unattended.

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