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    follett ice maker

    anybody ever do the stainless evap conversion on a follett ice maker? what a bunch of fun that is. one of our techs said it needed a new evap so it was ordered ( very exspensive) and by the time the parts came he had quit.. I got the job of installing it and midway through the job i found that the actual problem was mineral buildup in 2 of the drain lines. unit couldnt operate this way and thats why it kept freezing up.. be sure to check all the drain lines before condemning the evap on these things. it's a real intersting concept there is a cylinder type evap with an auger inside. as water freezes on the walls of the cylinder the auger pushes it to the top and compacts it into ice pellets which are then forced out by the next ice pellet and they flow down a vinyl tube into the ice bin.. it's a constant flow of ice pellets one at a time until the bin switch shuts the unit down
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    Fine job Bob ! I seem to get them when filters are in front w/ coke or pepsi systems packed to the left and as usual under a counter w/ 2" side clearance to the right. Changing out a TXV and LL fiter is fun.

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    These are fun to work on.... not! I take care of several where I work.

    Wait until you have to change the drive motor bearimgs! Talk about a fun job!

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    Hmm follett ice

    Sorry, but i enjoy the follett. we have 16 here at work and i love the exchange of parts, need a board,call say i need a either red or green, and as far as the evap. any with other than stainless, we gutted them totally i mean they were only 11 yrs old but as they fail i found better to put 600.-800. more into a brand new machine, maybe i know in the field that you cant tell cust. to just replace but here its the best out of 23 that we have.
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