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Dan, every bedroom has their own return using the wall cavity and then floor joist below to run to the furnace. One of the contractors did say that he would like to come back and pull down the return pans to make sure that they are open inside and not anything obstructing the flow that we can't see.

The house has 0.64 ACH by the way which I am taking care of with spray foaming the rim joist.

BTW, I have measured each bedroom with a manometer to compare its pressure to the hallway and each room is equal in pressure to the hallway with the doors shut.
Post above [ #26 ] does not seem consistent with 1st sentence in post #22.

If the room temperature is better with the doors open the return is not optimum.

Some of your other observations hint at less than desired Supply Air.

Can your manometer measure 0.01".?
IF Not, you may not really know whether the areas are actually close to the same pressure.

Velocity pressure = 0.01" is created by 400 F.P.M. = (400/4005)^2

It's sounding like the Supply Air delivery is a problem.