So, I'm finally gets quotes to replace our whole system with a HP/Gas furnace system. At the same time I'm getting quotes to spray foam my basement for the remodel. This gives the HVAC guys easy complete access to the duct work above.

I have had two companies come out so far with three more due by the end of the day tomorrow. I asked all of them if they do a load calc before having them come out and all said yes. The first company though has not came back to do one (3 weeks) from their bid.

Besides our current AC leaking freon the other bigger issue has been the bedrooms being either colder/hotter depending on the season. I'm not talking about 1-2 degrees but almost 8 degrees for our bedroom and 6 for my sons! Now I have been air sealing, adding and additional R30 to the attic and now working on adding insulation to the basement. To me there must be a duct work issue for the bedrooms?

What specific questions should I ask for the contractors to quote me for? The second one put in his quote duct mods at XX price but didn't say to increase the size, add more ect.

Another question was with the number of ducts for the basement and if a return should be added for the basement (800sqf). The 1st contractor said the 3 ducts (2 in main room, 1 bath) was sufficent and no return. The 2nd said maybe add a duct for the laundry room (currently none) and cut a vent in the current return near the bottom so that would be the return for the basement.

The quotes we have gotten have been more than I thought that they would be so if I'm going to be spending this kind of money I want to make sure our whole house is even'lly comfortable.