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Thread: Work pants

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachtech View Post
    no. actually, come august, you WOULD DIE down here

    Hahaha for realz, I'm so used to the heat now that on literally a 105*F midday I opted to change a blower and wheel in an attic instead of crawl out with the housing, checked the ambient while I was up there and it was 123*F!

    When you're doing attic calls on days that the news is warning everyone to keep kids, animals and old people inside... It's freakin' HOT! People were dropping with heat stroke and exhaustion last summer, worked with one person on a roof and they started puking and had to be taken home and lay in A/C the rest of the day.

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    Yea, 130 degree attic, no problem. You don't have to pee as much either. 20 degree rooftop in the ice with 20mph winds and I'm MISERABLE.

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    Rather be in cold than a hot attic. Could do without the 20 mph wind .
    You need to put the phone down and get back to work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnsrose View Post
    Rather be in cold than a hot attic. Could do without the 20 mph wind .
    I would rather be at a warm sunny beach with a cold beer on my left hand and a beach bunny on my right.

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