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    Confused Error Code 7 on York P*HU Furnace

    I have a York P4HUB16N08001A gas furnace which was new in 2000. In 2008, error code 7 was occurring which indicates a problem with low gas pressure, faulty gas valve, faulty hot surface igniter or burner problem however the contractor ended up replacing the entire control board (PWB) for $.

    Now, 4.5 years later, the same code 7 is occurring. The igniter glows, the burners ignite for about 5 seconds then go out. I found out that if I cut the power and then turn on again, it starts fine. From what I can tell, this only seemed to occur in the morning or sometime after 12AM.

    Please tell me why the control board was changed in the past when other components are recommended as the source of the problem. Did that contractor maybe replace the board when it wasn't actually necessary and do some other "things" which actually fixed the problem?

    Can anyone recommend some other possible solutions? If it truly is the board, I can't believe the original one only lasted 8 years and not the replaced board only lasted 4.5 years. How can they make a product like this and expect consumers to pay $ a pop? Who can I contact at York or whoever makes York (Unitary Product Group ?) to voice my concerns?
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    You don't even know if thats the same problem, and I would guess that it isn't.

    It lasted for 4.5 years working normally.....after the last repair....and now "they did something wrong"?

    When is the last time you had maintenance done?
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    Sounds like something other then the board.

    We can't always answer why a company or service tech did something. Specially when we weren't there.
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    sounds like a lil maintence is its no heat vs maintence call

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