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    Confused Which brand is quietest: Lennox, Carrier, Amana

    My home needs a new HVAC system. I've gotten a few quotes and narrowed down my options to three companies I trust to do a great job.

    I'm concerned about noise level, mostly compressor noise. I do audio production on the same side of the house as the A/C equipment (unavoidable I'm afraid), so I want a VERY quiet system. Data on this seems hard to find and mostly useless when it comes to comparing different brands.

    So I'd just like to get a subjective opinion on how these brands compare in terms of noise level:
    Carrier (ComfortMaker)

    Which brand(s) are the quietest? What's the "sweet spot" when it comes to choosing a model within each brand? Anything noteworthy about the noise they make? (e.g. "rumble" vs "wind noise" vs "hum/whine"...)

    Are these silly questions?


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    Biggest thing is make sure the compressor has a sound blanket.

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    You should be able to find the db sound ratings on each of these outside units. If you're looking at the more efficient units (above 13 SEER) then you should be to get an insulated compressor.

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    If you are that picky, hear the unit in person. What we say and the sound rating numbers don't mean much. Usually you don't hear your outdoor unit inside the house with the windows closed. I'd be more concerned with the sound level of the furnace and whether your duct system can support the amount of airflow needed. Today's furnaces, especially 95% models, need to move a lot of air and older or cheaply done duct systems can't support it so they will be noisy. Also too many dealers like to oversize adding to the issue.

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    All brands have different product lines. The high end Lennox and Carrier are very,very quiet. The low end stuff,not so much. For example the Lennox 13acx series is lists "sound levels low as 76dB" while the xc17 series lists " the quietest single stage air conditioner you can buy,with sound levels low as 62dB".

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    bryant evolution extremes are so quiet that you have to get right beside them to even know its running... pricey though.

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