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    If the water source heat pumps are performing most of the heating, this modification wasn't necessary. If the heat pumps are tied to the ems, and only maintain a minimum building temp over night, you could have reworked the scheduling so that they run over night without it getting too cold. There's more than one way to skin a cat, sir. Think about all of your options before you take such drastic measures next time. I would never bypass a safety and leave a unit running; not even to run to a supply house for parts.

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    I agree with Isaac, if anything would have happened due to that solenoid being tampered with you could lose everything you ever worked for.


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    What's the size of the boiler? Make and model. Old boilers used to have single blocking valve and now are required to have 2. Some applications will have a gas vent solenoid between the blocking valves. A well known brewery that we service had a fire side explosion. Even though they have boiler operators and dual blocking Valves an explosions still occur. Every shift change they perform a blocking valve tightness check. Even with checking this and 2 people that signed off on it they had an explosion rip an 1800 HP water right down the front middle face of the boiler. 2 people went to the hospital and came back to work a week later. Im sure some one wouldn't charge $2,000.00 to diagnose the valve. To repair it, it could cost that and then some depending on the solenoid.

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