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    Burner vs Block vs Venting

    I think I understand a cast iron, 4 section, 3 pass block is pretty standard in a lot of manufacturers boliers. But is it the burner and type/brand/design and type of intake and exhaust aka venting, that makes all the difference in efficiency and ease of maintainance? If you burn oil efficiently it leaves less soot. And if burner is engineered properly it makes cleanings easier and less a pin in the neck.

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    You basically hit all the high points of a happy customer NewGuy. Don't forget though..... a bad installation is what will take all the good points and make them junk.
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    You will not see a tremendous difference in efficiency ratings between 3 pass oil boilers regardless of burner manufacturer or boiler manufacturer. A properly installed and adjusted oil boiler should not be sooting. I would not consider 3 pass boilers to be standard, single pass cast iron boilers would be the most common, at least in my area. Any particular reason for the question other than curiosity?
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    Just having an old steel contractors boiler replaced along with the burner. Seems like every quote I get is for a 3 pass cast iron boiler. Everything from Peerless, Burderus, Biasi, Dunkirk, etc. I know pretty much anything I get of new and quality will be better than my 20+ year old beast in the basement. Its amazing its lasted this long. Goes to show yearly maintainance goes a long way.

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