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    hmm, thanks. I am not saying the air flow is not the issue, but I really don't think the same issue existed before the motor replacement. Thinking back, it is obvious something is different from before, such as less strong air flow, temperature rises more slowly, not to mention the cold registers. I am leaning to the motor speed theory and hope that will not cost me more money.

    with the furnace replacement option, I am so hesitant to spend more money on an old furnace, even for a service trip fee.

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    They should cover that trip fee, I would.
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    a issue w/ zone sys. may have caused the orig. motor to fail a good tech. should have caught this after a motor install they should find the reason for possible failure to insure new motor dosent also have a death sentance

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    Quote Originally Posted by simoncat View Post
    Thanks, will try. If I decide to replace the furnace, by any chance is the contractor willing to take back the newly installed blower motor at a discounted price? I'd think they can put it to use easily somewhere else? (Sorry if this question is duplicate. I thought I have posted it earlier, but didn't see it yet)

    If I installed the motor, I would credit towards the install.

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