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    Biasi and Pensotti

    I can install either one in my 2000 sq ft home. I have 3 zones I think. My system has an indirect water heater and radiant heating. 100 plus linear ft of force hot water baseboard heating. Currently I have a contractors steel boiler that came with house 28yrs ago. I think it's about 85k btu. I have been told I need 120 to 130 plus btu. Oh new boiler will have Riello burner. Old one had beckett. I am totally naive home owner. I have learned the little I know in 3 yrs of battling my old burner. Just looking for insight and thoughts. Obviously either way I will see an improvement in energy and $

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    Don't Oversize

    There's no way that your house should need a 120k btu boiler, unless you live the Arctic Circle. If the 85k boiler heated it fine, why would you need larger?

    You need to have an accurate load calc. done to determine the boiler size. Any contractor that won't do one and size the boiler accordingly should be shown the door. I 'd be surprised if you need any more than 60k or so.
    Bob Boan

    ​You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.

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    Bob is right. The boiler output is more important than the name brand and the contractor that produces an accurate Manual 'J' heat load should choose the boiler for you. The fin-tube you describe will likely only handle 60mButh.

    Over-sizing a boiler will kill efficiency and comfort at once.

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    Both brands are good, don't over size the boiler nothing is worse for efficiency sake.

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