I am considering the Lennox HC16. Back in October 2006 forum member "breath easy" posted some information suggesting that his business was doing testing on it and found that at .3 microns it started at only %85 and then dropped to %79 within one week of use. The test was "temporarily" stopped. I have looked and looked and been unsuccessful in finding out if he had any further results on that test.

It seems like it is nearly impossible to find any information about the efficiency of the filter over an extended period. I have been told by a number of Lennox sources that the media IS NOT CHARGED. If it is not charged, and is purely using physical filtration, it seems that the efficiency would increase with use.

My account is not able to send any PMs so I have to throw the question out. Can someone PLEASE:

1) Direct me to any information regarding if and to what degree the HC16 loses fine particle efficiency as the tests by breathe easy initially seemed to suggest?
2) Tell me if bypass is a problem with the HC16 cabinets as the filter loads (another -OLD- post suggested this may be, but did not provide much more detail)?
3) Provide information regarding how Lennox has a MERV 16 filter that has a "low" pressure drop and supposedly maintains such efficiency and a low drop over an extended period (seems like an impossible/improbable combo)?

I know that with such a knowledgeable base as we have here there could be hundreds of answers based on the knowledge of forum members, but if possible I would like to limit the responses to knowledge based solely on available emperical evidence, personal experience with the HC16, and any testing links etc.

Thank you very much!