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Thread: what do u think

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    what do u think

    I traded in my fluke 335 and got a uei phoenix true rms 3 dl 289 has a lot of options cap, micro amps, micro farads, dual display, magnet, lead holder at top of clamp etc. i think it's an all around better meter.
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    Dice will be around soon to let you know the true quality...

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    I'm not partial to any brand of meter really un like a few people i know who say Fluke or go home haha, but i admit i think i'd buy another UEI for sure

    I've been using a UEI model(similar but older than the one in pic) for 6 years now, i'm pretty rough with it it's been dropped, used out in the rain/snow kept in my tool case in just a nylon case and it hasn't gave me any problems yet, still goin strong, i like all the features it has

    I think I'm going to ger a new phoenix 28n whenever i get a good deal on one, i like the dual display with V and A readings at the same time also i like the hook ammeter attachment, the magnet mount and the ability to hook the lead to the top for testing

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    the DL289 ..i think that is it .. the one with 2 dif. screens .... i have one & i purchased the "hook" which is great ... its magnetized but let me tell you .. the illumination that the package shows is false advertisement as the light sux & is not bright at all & lasts like 5 seconds .. the auto shut off can be a PITA some times .. past 2 days my meter has been acting a lil wierd .. im hoping its just the batterys being low .. but overall the features are great .. dont leave the amp probe attached as they say it drains your battery .. out of a rating of 1-10 i give it a 5

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