I live in Central FL but leave each summer for three or four months. While I am away I am more interested in controlling the humidity more than the temp and hopefully lower my electric bill. To solve this problem I just completed installing a Honeywell dehumidistat connected to my carrier thermostat in parallel by attaching the dehumidistat leads to the Y and R terminals on the thermostat. By wiring parallel I was attempting to allow the dehumidistat and thermostat to function independently of each other. My problem is if the dehumidifier is calling for the A/C the compressor comes on but not the furnace blower if the thermostat setpoint is satisfied. The normal A/C works fine when the thermostat calls for A/C but the dehumidistat does not call for A/C. How do I solve this problem? I thought about connecting the G and Y terminals with a jump wire but thought I would ask a professional before I took this step. Thanks.