I've have a Carrier Infinity Tstat Controller. When the unit comes on, it always comes on at the HIGH fan speed. The noise is driving me crazy. It is not the noise from the air movement, but it is the sort of whirling noise from the spinning of the fan. Is there any way to limit the fan's speed so that it only using the MED fan speed whenit comes on?

Also, if I manually set the fan speed to MED so there is constant flow of air around the house, after the unit kicks in to heat the house and after it is has reached its programmed temperature, it resets to AUTO, not back to MED. I figure if I put the unit on HOLD, it will stay at MED fan speed, but then I lose the set-back programming at night when I go to bed.
Is there a way to make it reset to MED after it has cycled???

The main problem is the noise:
At the HIGH fan speed, the CFM = 1957; the RPMs= 1111; the Static Pressure = .70.
At the MED fan speed, the CFM = 1307; the RPMs= 766; the Static Pressure = .35.
Does this shed any light on the noise problem???
Thanks... Gary