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    Hillary Rodham Clinton running for President

    Hillary Rodham Clinton running for President

    I really don't know who will be the next president but she won't no doubt and for her to drop her immediate job and run is really stupid. It's a shame the Dems. don't have better quality of folks to run man were is all those Dems? they have to have something better, now it looks more like it's possible that it could be another Republican if they have someone the people like better, problem is this Country is just not ready for a woman president you can bet, even if she is a good candidate, so all she has really done is hurt her party, no way in hell she is leader material.

    Boy the dirt is going to be flying now here is just part of what was in the Houston Chronicle:

    On Feb. 12, 1999, the very day the Senate was voting not to remove her husband from office, Clinton met in the White House's family quarters with New York Democrat Harold Ickes, a former Clinton administration deputy chief of staff, to talk about a Senate run.

    The campaign trail was not always friendly. For almost every cheer, there was a shouted "Go home, Hillary!" and the emerging Republican theme that carpetbagger Clinton simply wanted to use New York as a launching pad for a later presidential run. She pledged to serve her full six-year Senate term if elected.
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    Looks like the Democrats are going to use the fact that the Republican Party is very divided to try to get a "first" into the White House. That is a shame.

    With the Democrats looking to put the first woman or the first black man into the presidency, they are actually giving the weakened Republican Party a chance to put another Republican in the White House.

    I'd love to see the two major parties screw things up so badly that one of the other smaller parties gets someone viable in the White House to shake things up a bit. Politically; this country needs an enema., and ye shall find;..
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