I am trying to install a 20 kW Generac Guardian natural gas generator. I believe this generator is rated for 145 LRA, but my current AC unit is 10+ years old, and pulls 165 LRA.

So, I'm looking to upgrade my 5-ton AC unit, likely to a Carrier model. It appears that the Performance Series 5-ton (24ACC6) has an LRA of 135 amps. Good, but it'd be better if there were some more wiggle room. See top of page 8 below:


On the other hand, according to the specs that I'm able to find online, the Carrier Infinity 5-ton (24ANB7) has an LRA of 118 -- great! See top of page 5:


However, my HVAC contractor informs me that the latest info available on the Infinity 5-ton lists an LRA of 159.6. That's not great.

Can anyone here help out? Which is correct? Thanks very much!