Greetings, I purchased a two-speed 1/4 h.p., 56 frame resilient ring Emerson motor for one of my old 24" belt-driven window fans. It has sleeve bearings.

Than fan driven shaft and sheave are 45 up from the motor if you are looking at the front face of the motor, toward the 3:00 position.

The motor will have a 1.75" inner diameter sheave and the driven shaft will have a 5" sheave.

My question is whether or not the position of the drive belt will be pulling too close to the bearing wick window. I don't want the to starve the sleeve bearings of oil and I wasn't sure if this is still a limitation of newer sleeve bearing motor designs.

I checked with an engineer at U.S. Motors/Emerson and he didn't have an immediate answer.

Also, does anyone know if Emerson sleeve bearing belted motors come pre-lubricated from the factory or should I go ahead and lubricate with 20 weight oil.

Chris Hovey