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    Is this an incorrect assumption: Regarding dust entering home via AC system, is it more likely to be on the return side since the supply side is pressured for supply to rooms?

    Trying to help son with horrible dust issue!


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    It has always been a misconception that the HVAC creates dust. It will only recirculates air or dust though out the home. Have a good air cleaner installed. This helps but will not eliminate dusting.

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    what causes most dust is your feet. next is your skin. next is the cracks and gaps in your building structure.
    adding in an imbalanced and leaking ductwork forced air exchange system will bring up the dust entering the house from gaps in the structure, by putting the house in a negative pressure to the outside.
    leaking supply ductwork in a crawlspace or attic will suck air out of the house the amount of leakage from the supply ducts.

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    Thanks for the information. Will adding a fresh air on return side help any?

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    Contrary to popular belief, a better air filter very rarely ever helps with a visible dust problem.
    This is because the majority of the particles that make up the visible dust are heavy enough to settle out of the air before they ever make it anywhere near the air filter.

    Quote Originally Posted by stardotstar View Post
    Thanks for the information. Will adding a fresh air on return side help any?
    A fresh air intake can reduce dust issues caused by infiltration from dirty areas because the home becomes pressurized relative to outdoors, wall cavities, the attic, etc., so air is forced out through those areas, rather than being free to move in through them.
    It doesn't address the energy costs, and other IAQ problems caused by said leaks, and may even exacerbate some of them, and/or cause new problems if done incorrectly.
    It also doesn't address internal sources of dust, like pet dander, dead skin cells from people, old carpet, poor quality/malfunctioning vacuum cleaner filters, etc..
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