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Thread: Dying Trolatemp

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    Dying Trolatemp

    My Honeywell Trolatemp control panel is dying on me (32003618-006 Rev D). The lights blink anytime the board is flexed or it is touched. I've soldered some cracked connections on the back, but it's apparently not enough. She's a 3 zone model; main floor, bonus room over garage, basement. It doesn't look like this model is for sale any more. What is a good replacement control board? Gas heat, AC.

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    honeywell hz432 would also get new thermostats if you still have the original
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    Scrap it and switch manufacturers. By the time you swap the board and stats you are 3/4 the way to a better zoning product with the ability to expand, provide better staging, over temp/freeze controls.

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    Honeywell makes good zoning products... and so does EWC... others may have other favourites.

    What is more important is the application... one can easily over-buy or miss potential features (under-buy).

    Might want to talk to a contractor who understands zoning... they could explain options (they are professionals, expect to pay a reasonable fee for this knowledge).

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