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    Harmon Exception OA intake?

    I am building a house and installing a free standing wood burning stove.
    I want to install an outside air duct behind the stove, I drilled a 4" diameter hole behind the stove base to run a 4" duct down to the crawl space.
    Should I install a balancing damper in duct to let me close it in the summer, or just install it without damper.
    I am thinking of putting a screen on inlet so bugs can't get in also.

    Thoughts, ideas, suggestions welcome.

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    Well, my stove has been installed for a month and a half now and still haven't been able to use it.
    I half to say at this point I can not recommend Harmon stoves to anyone.
    It all started with the dealer that I purchased it thru, the lady at the dealership out right lied to me at least 3 times.
    Stove which was paid for in full about three months before delivery, was supposed to be delivered on a Friday at 10:00 am. I took off work to be here, to help. 11:00AM and no show, I called and she said they are on their way.
    2:00pm no stove, I called back and she said, "Oh they are just loading it up now". Fine, 4:00PM, no stove. Of course I called back, and asked to talk to the owner, "Oh hes is not in" Fine, can you deliver First thing saturday morning. Gal says " yes. they will be therebefore 10:am

    Well 11:am and no stove, to make a long story shorter,I finally get the owner to deliver on Sunday at 4:00 pm.
    BUT, They tell me that in place of the glass window in back of the fire box used to view the afterburner they are providing a piece of flat steel. As the glass has been breaking due to heat. But, I need 2 clips to hold the steel plate in which they didn't have in stock but would order and get them to me ASAP.
    Well, two weeks went by and no clips.
    At this point I was totally disgusted with the dealer and called Harmon directly, the man I got thru to in customer service looked up my dealer and said "Oh, they have notplaced and order for those yet."
    WTF!! "Can I just get you to send them to me"

    His reply: "No they have to go thru a dealer"
    Me: "Fine, do you have a name of another dealer close?"

    So I call the other dealer about 50 miles away and tell her the whole story and she agrees to order and send them to me. That was over a month ago and still no clips.
    So I cal Harmon Factory back again and ask this nice lady if the clips have been ordered as I can not get a straight answer from your dealers.
    Her reply: "Oh we cant look that up unless you have a PO to reference"
    WTF, how did the first guy I talked to at your Factory look it up and tell me nothing had been ordered?
    I thanked her for her time, waited a couple days and called the Factory again, this time got a different Customer service Guy, told him the whole story. He took my name and number adn said someone would call me back.

    Honestly, I wasn't holding my breath. But, about five minutes later he called back, took my address and said they would mail them right out to me.

    Well it has been about 2 weeks and still no clips, I think I will just have to make something that will hopefully work.
    I am not real impressed with Harmon Stoves at this point or the dealers that sell their product.

    Sorry for the long rant, wish I felt better now but it is just getting me fired up again writing about it.

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    It's a shame; you have to wonder how they can call themselves "professionals".

    I ordered a set of logs from a hearth store and was told 3 weeks ago they had them in stock, I asked them twice to verify, went there to pick them up and wrong burner.

    Don’t forget to call BBB, consumer affaires, and maybe some newspapers, you would be amazed at how fast that part will come. You may have to take legal action judging by what you have been put threw.

    Get a Hampton or a LOPI

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