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    Field Control Power Vent- So loud. Replacement options?

    Last fall, we converted from oil to natural gas. Our Buderus oil burner was only 3 years old, so the HVAC team just converted the Buderus so that it could be used with NG. We have no chimney and currently the system is vented out the side of the house with a power vent. The vent is too noisy for our liking and we want to change the entire venting system. Our house is 3 years old.

    Is the best bet buying an new high efficiency gas burner? Or is there another way to cut back on the noise from the power vent? Can we keep the converted system and use a stainless steel chimney. Would that take away the need for the power vent?

    Thanks, just a novice here. Trying to educate myself before talking to HVAC contractors/plumbers.

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    So has the sidewall venter always been noisy? It could be a bad bearing making it noisy.

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    A flue up through the roof will eliminate the need for the power vent. Or replacing with a boiler designed to vent with PVC pipe too. And save on gas. The converted boiler isn't nearly as efficient as a condensing boiler.

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