I have a customer that has an AM14 Dishwasher and some stuff I work on and other stuff I let Hobart do it. Their pump motor is in the process of dying and I told them to call Hobart, because They can get it repaired quicker than I could. They called Hobart and Hobart wants 1800 for the motor and 400 to install it....The guy who runs thew place called me to see if there was any alternatives since he thought that was quite expensive... I have to agree.

The only alternative I can think of is there is an electrical place in town that can rebuild motors and depending on the problem with this motor they may be able to fix it. The problem is it leaves the DW non functional for however long they'd have it and there is no guarantee they could fix it, depending how bad it is.

The motor is drawing too many amps, but still runs.... it starts to smoke when they delime it when the pump motor is running for 1/2 hour.

The only other alternative is a non Hobart replacement dishwasher.

Any suggestions?