I am currently lining up the installation of a new 2 ton split system for my central florida home. I have found what I believe is a competent independent contractor who deals with the Heil line of products and he made what I felt was a reasonable offer for installation of a complete new system, both air handler and condensor set, with new line set and electrical as needed to complete the setup. As I have become recently more aware of some optional items I believe would be helpful I may have identified a problem area for this contractor. He seemed hesitant when I asked how he tuned the system after the installation.

Tell me if I am off base here, but isn't there a set of calculations that can be done to determine the proper amount of refrigerant needed for the system to run at optimal? I was told by a recently retired A/C person with a 40 year career that this was the case, but the guy I am dealing with now says the unit comes pre charged with R410 and thats all thats needed.

so to recap, I have a list of things that should be reasonable requests for a qualified installer who wants to put out a quality job.

1. Tune the system to run properly after installation is completed.
2. install the optional 4 inch risers which are available from Heil to get the unit up off the ground and keep the base dry
3. I am very interested in getting a HRU (hot water recovery) system installed at the same time, all from the same A/C company so that it was all done by the right people while it's all being installed new. This should be good, since they will be familiar with it, and know that nobody else has messed with their work right?
I am interested in doing what I can here to ensure long life of the new equipment, and get the electric consumption reduced as much as I can.

Like any other home owner, cost is obviously a concern for me, however I won't list pricing here as I believe that's against the rules. His bid for just the A/C install was not the cheapest, and seemed a price point where he should definitely be reasonably compensated for the day he will be spending getting this done.